Our Candles

We use 100% natural wax in our candles - what you see is what you get.  We manage the wax carefully to ensure it makes the perfect Little Glows product and we believe it has its own features. 


Natural wax has its own features as it sometimes has fine surface cracks when it cools and sets after being made and sometimes after burning.  Our wax can develop little dimples or holes on the surface, but here at Little Glows we do not see these as imperfections but a character of using natural wax.   

As our wax is natural and contains no paraffin or additives, it burns slowly and cleanly, allowing the wax to burn for a lot longer than many other waxes.  In addition to using natural wax we also use wooden wicks, these give the candles an aesthetically pleasing look, help the candle to burn evenly without tunnelling and give an added subtle crackle whilst they burn.  

A top tip: if the flame becomes weak gently push the ash off the top for the wick to reignite.

You will know you have a Little Glows product as the room will be filled with your chosen aroma and if it’s a candle there will be the subtle crackling of the wick as the candle burns.

Here is a time lapse video of one of our candles burning from start to finish. 

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