Little Glows is a small hand poured candle makers, who have always enjoyed candles, making our home smell and feel cosy throughout the year.

We specialise in blended Coconut and Rapeseed wax Candles, which are eco-friendly and sustainable. It also has a cleaner, healthier, longer burn time than traditional paraffin based candles.

We use wooden wicks to ensure our candles are as eco friendly as possible and contain absolutely no paraffin, therefore no black smoke is produced when burning or extinguishing. 

Our Range


Lucy Betteridge-Dyson

These are the best candles I have ever purchased and I am somewhat of a candle connoisseur. The fragrance and long burn time with absolutely no tunnelling is unbeatable. Great value, highly recommended!

Diana Stavely

Absolutely gorgeous candles, beautifully handmade and they smell incredible, I will definitely buying more, especially as they will make great gifts and stocking fillers.

Holly Miller

Wonderful candles very well presented and beautiful scents too - make they whole house smell lovely, I need to get some more and looking forward to trying the melts too 😀

Daisy Kearl 

Lovely candles and very friendly team. Very impressive range of scents and themes also, will be back for more soon!


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